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Earth Day

April 22, 2017 0

Earth Day is a day celebrated to acknowledge the importance of Mother Earth. Celebrated annually on the 22nd of April, Earth Day started back in 1970 when Gaylord Nelson a senator from Wisconsin started to get worried about the rate of industrialisation and the carelessness of people towards the environment. Over 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day to cement the importance of that day, as of today over a billion people celebrates Earth Day all over the world. Over the years as industrialisation take place, we humans have done many things which depleted the earth's resources. Deforestation is happening everyday to make space for buildings, condos, and malls. River are destroyed due to industrial wastes. Ice in the poles are melting due to the rise in Earth's temperature. We have dug ourselves into a huge ditch, one that we can get out if we all act now. Small steps such as planting trees, turning off unnecessary lights, reducing petrol usage are always helpful if everyone decides to all join in. A single tree planted might not help so much, but when billions of trees are planted that would certainly help. If we choose to ignore it...

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escape room lounge


April 7, 2017 0

Easter is a christian tradition celebrated between March 22 and April 25. The things people think of when they hear the word "Easter" are the decorative eggs, the Easter rabbit, and of course the egg hunts! Decorating eggs, egg hunts, and eating chocolate eggs are definitely fun and engaging ways to celebrate Easter. While being engaged in all these activities one can forgot the whole purpose of why Easter was celebrated. Easter is a christian tradition that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The word "Easter" had a german root which is Ēostre, the name of the ancient German goddess who is associated with rebirth, spring, and fertility. Now that we know how where the word Easter originated from how about the eggs and rabbit? Well Ēostre had a thing for rabbit, some legends claimed that she had the head of a rabbit. Which made sense since bunnies are known for their ability to reproduce which symbolizes fertility. On some of the twists myths, it was claimed that Ēostre turned a bird into a rabbit which explains the eggs. However in other myths eggs came from pagan celebration in spring which symbolize a new life. Easter does not fall on a particular...

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St. Patrick’s Day

March 15, 2017 0

St. Patrick's Day celebrated on March 17 of every year is an Irish holiday celebrated in honor of St. Patrick. Patrick was famous for his missionary work in Ireland. Over the course of 30 years he was able to supposedly convert hundreds of thousands of people, established many churches, and consecrated hundreds of bishop. St. Patrick died on March 17 during the 4th century. Which is why St. Patrick's day is celebrated on the 17th of March. St. Patrick's day is celebrated in many countries around the world with and without Irish descent. People would dress up in green, have dinner with their family, or go to the local pub to have a night out with their friends. Major cities around the world would have grand parades joined by most of the citizens who are present during the parades. The parades would consist of marching bands, dancing shows, and even on road theatre! One of the biggest event on this day is the transformation of the Chicago River from its murky green to a bright green in honor of St.Patrick's Day! If your planning a night out on St. Patrick's Day you can drop by at The Escape Hunt...

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Activities to keep cool this March

March 3, 2017 0

March has officially arrived, which means residents and tourists alike are preparing for the hottest season of the year in Thailand! During this time, many people will look for ways to cool down as temperatures climb to around 38 degrees Celsius. To keep cool, Thailand offers numerous swimming pools and water parks, including Vana Nava Water Park in Hua Hin, Ramayana Water Park in Pattaya and of course, the famous Siam Park City in Bangkok. For those who prefer the beach, visitors can also take a trip to Krabi, Pattaya, Koh Tao, Phuket and many more local destinations. If you’re looking for a break from the blistering sun, visit us at The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok or The Escape Hunt Experience Phuket. Our interactive experience is the perfect way to spend the afternoon, involving adventure, puzzle solving and clue hunting!

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Doi Inthanon

February 10, 2017 0

Doi Inthanon is the tallest mountain in Thailand and is located in Chom Thong district in Chiang Mai province. The mountain was once referred to as Doi Luang or “big mountain”. However, it was later renamed to Doi Inthanon in honour of King Inthawachayanon, one of the last kings of Chiang Mai who is buried there today. The mountain, in combination with its surrounding sprawling forests, makes up the Doi Inthanon National Park and covers over 482 km2 of land. Today, Doi Inthanon is a huge attraction for both foreign and local Thai tourists. In fact, up to 12,000 people are expected to visit the mountain and national park during New Year’s Day. It’s a great place to relax, spend time with the family and enjoy the spectacular scenery from the atop of the Doi Inthanon summit (the highest point in Thailand!). After visiting Doi Inthanon, don’t forget to come by and exercise your puzzle solving skills at The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok!

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A History of Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2017 0

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? Chocolate, roses and romance? Many would be surprised to learn that originally, Valentine’s Day had little to do with any of these things. In fact, the day of love was named in honour of Saint Valentine, an ancient Roman priest from the third century. Although there are several stories around Saint Valentine, a popular belief is that he was imprisoned for helping young couples wed. The Roman Emperor Claudius II had outlawed marriage for young men as he believed that unmarried soldiers fought better than those who were married. Realising the injustice of this, Saint Valentine secretly performed marriage ceremonies for both young lovers and Christians, who were also being persecuted at the time. Although Valentine’s Day gets its name from the famous saint, it did not turn into a day of romance until the Middle Ages. During this time, many believed that birds began to look for their mates in mid-February or specifically, on February 14. Thus, Valentine’s Day as the recognised day of love was born. For anyone looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with loved ones, whether that be with family members, friends or...

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MAP Fest

Chinese New Year is coming!

January 25, 2017 0

The traditional Chinese holiday is quickly approaching and will kick off on Saturday January 28 across the globe! As a result of a sprawling Chinese population, Chinese New Year is celebrated in a vast number of countries outside of mainland China, one of which is Thailand. This year marks the year of the Rooster and although festivities will vary depending on location, the majority of those celebrating will do so to enjoy time with family and wish for a prosperous coming year. Traditionally, Chinese families will decorate their doors and windows with red lanterns and red cut-out pictures depicting themes of wealth, good fortune and happiness. They will also clean their homes to wash away evil spirits and make room for incoming luck. Of course, the most anticipated activity is receiving “Ang Pow” or red envelopes that are filled with money! If you're celebrating Chinese New Year and looking for family-friendly activities, join us at The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok for an immersive and interactive experience that the entire family can enjoy together!

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Indoor Attractions in Bangkok

January 14, 2017 0

Thailand is widely known to be incredibly hot all year long and many are also familiar with the country’s rainy season, which lasts over half of the year. Thankfully, there are a number of entertaining places to cool off and stay dry in the city. One great option is The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok, located in the heart of downtown Bangkok. Whether you’re with friends, family or colleagues, our games are designed to thrill and appeal to visitors of all ages. Another fun-filled indoor activity is the Siam Park City, which offers a wide variety of rides and attractions. The indoor amusement and water park has rollercoasters for the daredevils, spa whirlpools for those looking to relax and even a wave pool! Both The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok and Siam Park City are open all year and are considered to be two of Bangkok’s top entertainment and gaming-oriented attractions. Visit us at The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok location and spend your afternoon testing your puzzle solving skills in one of our unique games.

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Dusit Zoo

December 1, 2016 0

Dusit Zoo or Khaodin Park is a zoo located in central Bangkok. Dusit Zoo was built by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) as his private garden adjacent to his palace. Later in the reign of the Rama VIII, the revolutionary government ask Rama VIII's regency to give this park to the the Bangkok City Municipality to be opened as a zoo. The Dusit Zoo covers an area of ​​118 hectares and has around 1,600 species of domestic and internationals animals. The Dusit Zoo is home to many different kinds of animals ranging from monkeys, alligators, elephants, zebras, hippos, bears, horses, etc. Visitors can take the train tour of the zoo if they are too tired to walk around themselves. Boat peddling is also an option for visitors who wants to enjoy the scenery. The Dusit zoo also contains a museum, an educational centre, and an animal hospital. There are two unique shows at the Dusit Zoo. The first show is the seal show, where visitors can watch seals showing off their amazing feats. The second show is the Acrobatics Kenya show, where acrobats from Kenya jump around and give a thrilling performance. The Dusit Zoo operates from 8am to 6pm....

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Terminal 21

November 18, 2016 0

If you are looking for a shopping mall where you can enjoy your holiday and shopping, Terminal 21 is one of the top listed. Terminal 21 is one of the shopping malls in Bangkok that is very popular. It is a nice place where people can enjoy shopping and trying out various kinds of food. Besides being a great place for shopping, there are many varieties of restaurant where you can enjoy your meals. Terminal 21 is situated in the heart of Bangkok at Asoke junction where visitors can easily access from the BTS Sky train and the MRT. Terminal 21 is unique with its exotic look, classic undertones and the interior is spaciously decorated with a unique design and different a theme in each floor. The theme replicates famous places from around the world; the Caribbean, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Terminal 21 is a great place to shop with more than 600 outlets. If you are looking for fun activity to do after shopping, you can try The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok! It is just 3 minutes away from Terminal 21!

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