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5 Ways to Keep Cool in Bangkok

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March 3, 2017 by in category Blog with 0 and 0

March has officially arrived which means Bangkok residents and tourists alike are preparing for the hottest season of the year in the country! During this time, many people will look for ways to cool down as temperatures climb to around 38 degrees Celsius.

Here are 5 ways to keep cool in Bangkok:

  1. Head to a water park. For a kid-friendly locale, there are many water parks that dot Bangkok’s landscape. Many offer exhilarating water slides for the older kids and kids at heart. For the smaller ones, there are plenty of wadding pools for hours of fun.
  2. Go to an “ice bar.” For the adults looking for refuge from the night heat, there are plenty of “ice bars” dotted around Bangkok. These places take the word “cool” to the extreme. Many of these bars are set in walk-in refrigerators set at around -5 degrees Celsius. One can sip on assorted spirits and cocktails in these chilly conditions. If the temperature is a little too cold for your liking, heavy coats are also offered.
  3. Watch a movie. Bangkok’s cinemas like to keep the climate inside at winter-like temperatures.
  4. Ride the BTS. Bangkok’s public transportation is known for its efficiency as well as its glacial conditions. Unless you like to enjoy the air-conditioning in sardine-packed conditions, it’s best to avoid the Skytrain during rush hour. Otherwise, a ticket lasts for 120 minutes, perfect to relax in a chilly compartment while touring the city from above.
  5. Play a game. The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok is the perfect place to cool down and have some fun at the same time. The air-conditioned rooms and comfortable sofas offer the perfect setting to relax before playing one of our exciting live-action escape rooms. And once players are finished, cold and refreshing drinks are served.

Whatever you do to hide from Bangkok’s blistering heat, just remember the best way to keep cool is to drink lots of water.

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