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How to Celebrate International Panic Day

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International Panic Day is on 18 June. It is celebrated annually by overworked people who are stressed out about their careers, daily lives and everything in between. You can use it as an excuse to panic about everything or take the day to evaluate your priorities and eliminate anything that can causes anxiety.

The origin of International Panic Day is pretty much an unknown. Some may wonder how this day is different from any other day. Studies have shown that bottling up frustration and anger are bad for your health. Those who enjoy being calm and composed when the world is coming apart need to beware. Murphy’s Law states, ‘All that can go wrong will,’ and panic is a natural reaction to such situations.

Here are some ways to celebrate International Panic Day in Bangkok:

  • Just panic. Try to release tension by going to the gym, running or even throwing things (just not at other people).
  • Go outside. In Bangkok, try strolling through two of the city’s oldest communities: Chinatown, known locally as Yaowarat, and Little India or Pahurat. These areas are a gentle reminder of the city’s past. Or perhaps taking a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River is more to your liking. It’s cheap and relaxing and offers views of the city’s most iconic landmarks.
  • Treat yourself to a Thai massage. While local shops offer the best value, there are plenty of upscale operations which will pamper you like royalty.
  • Get back into hobbies. Focus on activities that don’t involve your mobile phone: read a book, watch a movie or go dancing.
  • Play a game! The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok offers exciting, live escape games that get the heart pumping and the adrenaline running. Games are a great way to run away from reality and forget life’s worries… at least for 60 minutes.

RANDOM FACT: Did you know that the word panic is derived from Pan, the shepherd god? According to Greek mythology, Pan entertained himself by striking fear among travellers in the forests.

To help you decompress with our assortment of live-action games, we are offering 20% off our games from 18-25 June 2017 with the promo code PANIC2017. Enjoy International Panic Day at The Escape Hunt Experience Bangkok!

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