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Easter is a Christian tradition that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The name of the holiday has German origins. “Ostern” is the name of an ancient German goddess and is associated with rebirth, spring and fertility. Now that we know how where the word originated from how about the eggs and rabbit?

Easter is celebrated around the March equinox. Specifically, the holiday is celebrated on a Sunday, three days after Jesus resurrected from his death. This year, Easter is celebrated on April 16. The things people think of when they hear the word “Easter” are the decorative, pastel-coloured eggs, the Easter rabbit, and of course the egg hunts! Decorating eggs, egg hunts and eating chocolate eggs are definitely fun and engaging ways to celebrate the holiday.

The German goddess “Ostern” had a thing for rabbits. Some legends claim that she had the head of a rabbit which makes sense since bunnies are known for their ability to reproduce. Another myth states that “Ostern” turned a bird into a rabbit which explains the eggs. However, in other myths eggs came from pagan celebration in spring which symbolise a new life.

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